Patsy Hunt Music - The Mount Rooms

Patsy Hunt, the mastermind behind Patsy Hunt Music. A Cardiff based (for now) Ukulele strumming, keyboard playing Singer-songwriter that plays in the Vale of Glamorgan Brass Band, and has graced the VIP night of the famous Glastonbarry, is returning to The Mount Rooms on October 14th.


After her first appearance, we had people crying out for more of her raw talent and how can we refuse as we were in total awe of the performance that Patsy puts on.


Though based in Cardiff, Patsy is very active within Barry and later this year will be moving back! Recalling upon her childhood memories of heading down to the Island to play the 2p machines or enjoy the seaside fish and chips, it's clear to see the special place that Barry has in people’s hearts. Not too dissimilar to the atmosphere and service we try to provide as not only a hotel but an events venue in Barry.


Patsy commented "my friend recently got married at the mount rooms. it's a great wedding venue and I've got to be honest the staff came across very relaxed..."


Join us in welcoming Patsy back, October 14th!