Booking your perfect Honeymoon

Your wedding is booked and the planning has commenced, but so many couples are so busy with this, they forget to research or even book their perfect honeymoon in good time.

We all dream of white sands and taking a tip to Bora Bora, right? As much as we want to keep up with the Kardashians, weddings are expensive. It’s so important to set a budget for both the big day and your much needed break after.

Below we will take the hassle out for you and pointing you in the right direction!

Location, Location, Location!

According to BrideBook the most popular honeymoon destinations are Europe (25%) UK (12%) and USA (11%) and with this in mind there are no rules on where to go on honeymoon - it can be anywhere that reflects you as a couple. Lying on a beach, trekking up a mountain or exploring city life - it’s your choice! Your Honeymoon will be something you remember forever, so make it memorable and something you will talk about for years to come.

Save, Save, Save!

The average honeymoon costs £4,000 - so gather those pennies well in advance. Many couples ask guests to contribute to their honeymoon pot (if they can) as a wedding gift. This may bump up your savings - and don’t forget spending money!

Shop around!

The internet is a wonderful thing, but it has been known to catch people out. When booking through sited make sure they are ATOL protected and have a good reputation!

Travel Agents

If you are looking for a specific holiday, there’s no harm in visiting a travel agent to see what they can do for you! They can put in special requests to resorts etc to let them know its your honeymoon! After months of wedding planning - you deserve to be pampered!


If you are travelling outside of the UK, insurance is an absolute must. Covering you from cancellations to medical emergencies. Insurance doesn’t have to cost you the earth, shop around or visit your local post office to enquire.

Excursions & Trips

Keep in mind, you are going to a destination of your dreams and therefore you will want to explore. Set aside money for any extra trips or tours - and shop around various tour operators.

Sun, Sun, Sun?

Wherever your travels take you, be sure to check the weather forecast. If you are going to the Caribbean, you will want to avoid monsoon/hurricane season which usually falls between June - November.
If you want hot summer sun in July, you’re better off heading through Europe.

Research is key

Trip Advisor will be your best friend in this stage of planning. Browse through hundreds of reviews and pictures all taken by travellers. Keep in mind that sometimes people only post negative comments on there, and don’t take it all too seriously (unless they are all bad)
YouTube is also a brilliant platform for researching not just resorts but local areas too.


Most couples jet off the day after their wedding, if this is the case - don’t leave the packing until the morning! Set aside some time in the week leading up to your big day to pack your stuff. That way you won’t risk forgetting any items and won’t be desperately running around seeking a phone charger!


Wherever your honeymoon takes you, make sure you relax and take everything in! You’ll never get this time again.. so make sure you enjoy every second as a newly married couple!